A sixpack abs (abdominal muscle) will increase your looks performance, not only good for your abs power. To get a sixpack abs, first thing to do is to get rid the fat that cover your belly. These are the 11 steps to get a sixpack abs

1. 20x Knee Ups

2. 20x Leg Raises

3. 20x Cycles

4. Rest 10 -20 seconds

5. 20x Reverse Crunch

6. 20x Leg on Coach Crunch

7. 20x Hip Trust

8. Rest 10 - 20 seconds

9. 20x Cross Crunch (10 each side)

10. 20x Reach and Touch (10 each side)

11. 20x Cross Leg Reverse Crunch (10 each side)

Repeat it two or three times per session. Or you can do this in one session with one condition. You'll have to do it as long as you can until you can't do it anymore for each step (11 steps)
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